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Cultural heritage

  • Conservation and restoration of cultural heritage
    Antiques restoration
    Building restoration, work performed on a building in an attempt to return it to a previous state
    Conservation and restoration of paintings
    Conservation and restoration of glass objects
    Conservation and restoration of ivory objects
    Conservation and restoration of metals
    Conservation and restoration of copper-based objects
    Conservation and restoration of iron and steel objects
    Conservation and restoration of outdoor bronze objects
    Conservation and restoration of silver objects
    Conservation and restoration of vehicles
    ** Preservation and restoration of automobiles
    Restored train
    Digital photograph restoration
    Film preservation, restoration of films
    ** Textile conservator, one who conserves and restores textiles

Historical styles

  • Restoration style
    Restoration literature
    Restoration comedy
    ** Restoration spectacular


  • Assisted natural regeneration, protection and preservation of natural tree seedlings in forested areas

  • Climate restoration, actions intended to reverse the current trends of climate change

  • Environmental restoration, a process in which a damaged natural resource is renewed

  • Restoration ecology, the return of a landscape, ecosystem, or other ecological entity to a predefined historical state
    Island restoration, the ecological restoration of islands
    Prairie restoration, efforts to restore prairies
    Reforestation, natural or intentional restocking of existing forests and woodlands that have been depleted, usually through deforestation
    Stream restoration, activities that improve the environmental health of a river or stream


  • Kenmu Restoration (1333) in Japan

  • Portuguese Restoration War (1640–1668)

  • The Restoration (1660) in England, Wales and associated realms
    Restoration (Ireland)
    Restoration (Scotland)
    ** Restoration in the English colonies

  • Concert of Europe, the European Restoration following the Napoleonic Wars
    First Restoration (1814–1815) in France
    Bourbon Restoration (1815–1830) in France
    ** Restoration and Regeneration in Switzerland (1814–1830)

  • ' (1848) in Germany

  • Dominican Restoration War (1863–1865)

  • Meiji Restoration (1868) in Japan

  • Restoration (Spain) (1874–1931), also called the Bourbon Restoration

  • Manchu Restoration (1917) in China


  • Dental restoration, in dentistry, the shaped replacement material for lost tooth structure

  • Foreskin restoration, in medicine, the process of expanding the skin on the penis


  • Church of God (Restoration), denomination rooted in the holiness movement

  • Restoration (Latter Day Saints), doctrine of the Latter Day Saint movement

  • Restoration branches, independent Latter Day Saints organizations

  • Restorationism, i.e. Christian primitivism, such as
    ** Restoration Movement, a Christian movement originating in the 19th century that seeks to restore the doctrine and practice of the early church

  • Victorian restoration, the widespread refurbishment and rebuilding of Church of England churches that took place during the 19th century reign of Queen Victoria.


  • Circuit restoration, in telecommunications, action taken to repair and return to service one or more telecommunications services

Title or name

  • ''HMS Restoration'', the name of several Royal Navy ships

  • Restoration (1995 film), a 1995 film by Michael Hoffman, set after the English Restoration starring Robert Downey Jr

  • Restoration (2011 film), an Israeli film by Yossi Madmoni about a small furniture-restoration business

  • Restoration (2016 film), an Australian science fiction thriller directed by Stuart Willis

  • The Restoration (1909 film), a 1909 film by D.W. Griffith, based on the novel by Fyodor Dostoevsky

  • The Restoration (1910 film), a 1910 film

  • Restoration (newspaper), a Catholic newspaper published by the Madonna House Apostolate

  • Restoration (Berg novel), a 2002 novel by Carol Berg

  • Restoration (Ólafsson novel), a 2012 novel by Ólafur Jóhann Ólafsson

  • Restoration (Tremain novel), a 1989 novel by Rose Tremain set during the English Revolution

  • Restoration (TV series), a BBC TV series in the UK highlighting buildings at risk

  • Restoration (EP), an EP by English progressive metal band Haken

  • ''Revamp & Restoration#Restoration'', a tribute album to Elton John and Bernie Taupin

  • Restorations (band), an American rock band

Other uses

  • Restorative justice, in criminal justice sometimes called restoration

  • Restoration Hardware, a hardware store

  • ''Restoration of the Monarchy'', a fashion label by Eric Villency

See also

  • Restore (disambiguation)

  • Restorationism (disambiguation)

  • Restauration (disambiguation)

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