Fairbanks Roofing
3055 Braddock St, Fairbanks
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TS Construction Inc
3230 Cool Cacy Dr, 3230 Williams Gate Rd, Fairbanks
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Hoffer Glass
3740 Braddock St, Fairbanks
spa store general contractor
Interior Alaska Roofing Inc
3790 Schacht St, Fairbanks
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Northern Roofing
505 Halvorson Rd, Fairbanks
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Seamless Contracting & Supply
771 Badger Rd, Fairbanks
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L & L Contractors, LLC
5340 Dale Rd, Fairbanks
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Golden Heart Roofing Inc.
859 Lakloey Dr, North Pole
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ACE Roofing
900 Crossfox Ct, North Pole
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Straight Ahead Construction and Remodeling, LLC- Fairbanks Alaska Construction and Remodels
2600 Horsetail Trail, Fairbanks
general contractor roofing contractor home goods store
Wagner State Roofing
425 Steamboat Landing Rd, North Pole
roofing contractor point of interest establishment

More About Roofer Services from Wikipedia

A roofer, roof mechanic, or roofing contractor is a construction worker who specializes in roof construction. Roofers replace, repair, and install the roofs of buildings, using a variety of materials, including Roof shingle, Bituminous waterproofing, and Metal roof. Roofing work can be physically demanding because it involves heavy lifting, as well as climbing, bending, and kneeling, often in extreme weather conditions.

Throughout the world

In Australia this type of carpenter is called a ''roof carpenter'' and the term ''roofer'' refers to someone who installs the roof ''Cladding (construction)'' (Roof tiles, Corrugated galvanized iron, etc.).

In the United States and Canada, they're often referred to as roofing contractors or roofing professionals. The most common roofing material in the United States is asphalt shingles. In the past, 3-tab shingles were used; nowadays, "architectural" or "dimensional" shingles are becoming very popular.

Depending on the region, other commonly applied roofing materials installed by roofers include concrete tiles, clay tiles, natural or synthetic slate, single-ply (primarily EPDM rubber, Polyvinyl chloride, or Thermoplastic olefin), rubber shingles (made from recycled tires), glass, metal panels or shingles, wood shakes or shingles, liquid-applied, hot asphalt/rubber, foam, thatch, and solar tiles. "Living roof" systems, or rooftop landscapes, have become increasingly common in recent years in both residential and commercial applications.See List of commercially available roofing material

Types of roofers

There are four main types of roofers: shinglers, who primarily install shingles, shakes, tiles, and other nail-on products on roofs with 5:12 pitches or above; metal roofers, who focus on metal panels; single-ply or "flat" roofers, who focus on roofs such as single-ply or foam roofs; and "hot" roofers, who work using tar-based products. It is not uncommon, however, for companies to have their roofers service multiple styles and types of roofing; and certain manufactures will allow only pre-approved installers, thus making these four roofer types limiting. As per the application areas, roofing contractors can be categorized as Industrial or commercial roofers, Factory Shed roofers, Residential Roofers, Commercial roofers. Based on the types of the materials, roofing can be classified as terrace roofing, metal roofing, polycarbonate roofing, steel roofing, PVC roofing, skylight roofing. Pre-engineered companies installs roofing.

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