Katy City Animal Control
25839 I-10, Katy
local government office point of interest establishment
Sugar Land Animal Services
101 Gillingham Ln, Sugar Land
point of interest establishment
Tactical Wildlife Control
1038 Cheyenne Meadows Dr, Katy
point of interest establishment
Environmental Coalition Inc
4134 Bluebonnet Dr # 114, Stafford
home goods store store point of interest
Holder's Pest Solutions
10530 Rockley Rd #110, Houston
home goods store store point of interest
Missouri City Animal Shelter
1919 Scanlin Rd, Missouri City
point of interest establishment

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Animal control may refer to:

  • The work of an animal shelter or "pound", a facility that houses or disposes of stray, lost, abandoned or surrendered animals.

  • The work of a US animal control service.

  • Pest control, killing or otherwise controlling the population of species regarded as pests.

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