Hapisoul Yoga & Wellness
310 N Broadway St, Abilene
health point of interest establishment
Impact Sports & Fitness
418 N Broadway St, Abilene
gym health point of interest
Great Life Golf & Fitness
1705 Country Club Ln, Abilene
point of interest establishment
Junction City Country Club - GreatLife Golf & Fitness
1301 W 8th St, Junction City
gym health point of interest
GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness
1800 S Marymount Rd, Salina
gym health point of interest

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Fitness may refer to:

  • Physical fitness, a state of health and well-being

  • Fitness (biology), an individual's ability to propagate its genes

  • Fitness (magazine), a women's magazine, focusing on health and exercise

  • Fitness and figure competition, a form of physique training, related to bodybuilding

  • Fitness approximation, a method of function optimization evolutionary computation or artificial evolution methodologies

  • Fitness function, a particular type of objective function in mathematics and computer science

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